Tuesday, April 11, 2017


It was so hot today! Blistering. Burn up your just transplanted seedlings, dry out all your vegetable and flower beds sort of hot.

In an early morning meeting, we searched for last months minutes. A bit of headscratching happened.

Oh! 30 days ago we could not meet, because of snow and the governor requesting that everyone just stay at home for a bit.

And today was blistering hot.

I ran home and watered all the little seedling babies. Ran another errand. Returned to the farm and watered again. With the new nozzle. So that I didn't get sprayed from head to foot!

And then, my girl dogs hung out in the shade while I cooled off.

Jasmine. The sweetest dog ever. Always with a lovely smile on her face.

Luna. Bless her heart.

Pookie, a stray who is likely 100% Jack Russell. Never sits still, always on alert and on the hunt.

We all had water and some pats. And then back at it. 

All rescue dogs from various sources. Love them all.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like quite a tough day with the heat and errands combined. Glad to know you got time to relax, oh and the dogs are really cute. Hope to see more posts from you soon!



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