Wednesday, April 12, 2017

stay back to do list!

It's full on spring. A pace bordering on frantic has set in. The to do list requires slashing dramatically every day! And if the sun shows up strong for more than a few hours, quick! Check all the seedlings and recent transplants, and all livestock and the farmers too...hydrate! All! Now!

Rudy has a broken leg, and for such a little dog he needs so much assistance daily. We have to remind ourselves to slow down and help him get up and down stairs, on and off furniture and in and out of doors and gates.

Weekly he needs to visit the vet so they can check on his healing process. We might be failures on the "keep him quiet" directive. My goodness, quiet is difficult on spring days on the farm!

Flower seeds we started last fall are started to bloom! Bouquets of many kinds are available!

Fresh chicken too, perfect for dinner this weekend!

All the eggs you could want, with no need for messy dyes.

Spinach is strong too.

With hot sauce we are loving deviled eggs with spinach. So many good things to do with that fresh spinach!

And sausage from our pork too!

We are up with the sun and taking naps during the heat of the day. Our season is on! See you soon.


  1. It is an interesting post. it takes to back to the country life. The pictures of vegetables and poultry farm is so warming. Thank you for the post.



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