Thursday, March 16, 2017

snow fall project

We had about a foot of snow fall over the last couple of days. It makes getting around the farm a challenge, as snow drifts and piles in large amounts.

Livestock still needs water and food. And that takes a great amount of work to happen. And then, time for other projects!

Last fall we made wreaths we Star Magnolia leaves. In with the bunches of leaves was a seed pods.

That seed pods went into the freezer for months. We have removed it, allowed it to thaw out, and today we plant the seeds.

It might work. It might not! We have a line of white pine trees that separates the back yard of the house from the rest of the farm. These trees are too tall, if one falls into either of our buildings it will do a lot of damage. And create hassle and work none of us want.

A Star Magnolia grows to about 15 feet. Evergreen, it will still create a wind block and a visual separation. But they don't get so tall that a strong wind will topple them into a building!

I'll start these, grow them out, plant them in a few years, take out the pine trees in another 5 years or so.

We wouldn't want to rush into anything would we?!

The seed pods and seeds have an almost citrus scent, what a pleasure to work with!

Grow little seedlings grow!

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