Wednesday, April 12, 2017

stay back to do list!

It's full on spring. A pace bordering on frantic has set in. The to do list requires slashing dramatically every day! And if the sun shows up strong for more than a few hours, quick! Check all the seedlings and recent transplants, and all livestock and the farmers too...hydrate! All! Now!

Rudy has a broken leg, and for such a little dog he needs so much assistance daily. We have to remind ourselves to slow down and help him get up and down stairs, on and off furniture and in and out of doors and gates.

Weekly he needs to visit the vet so they can check on his healing process. We might be failures on the "keep him quiet" directive. My goodness, quiet is difficult on spring days on the farm!

Flower seeds we started last fall are started to bloom! Bouquets of many kinds are available!

Fresh chicken too, perfect for dinner this weekend!

All the eggs you could want, with no need for messy dyes.

Spinach is strong too.

With hot sauce we are loving deviled eggs with spinach. So many good things to do with that fresh spinach!

And sausage from our pork too!

We are up with the sun and taking naps during the heat of the day. Our season is on! See you soon.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


It was so hot today! Blistering. Burn up your just transplanted seedlings, dry out all your vegetable and flower beds sort of hot.

In an early morning meeting, we searched for last months minutes. A bit of headscratching happened.

Oh! 30 days ago we could not meet, because of snow and the governor requesting that everyone just stay at home for a bit.

And today was blistering hot.

I ran home and watered all the little seedling babies. Ran another errand. Returned to the farm and watered again. With the new nozzle. So that I didn't get sprayed from head to foot!

And then, my girl dogs hung out in the shade while I cooled off.

Jasmine. The sweetest dog ever. Always with a lovely smile on her face.

Luna. Bless her heart.

Pookie, a stray who is likely 100% Jack Russell. Never sits still, always on alert and on the hunt.

We all had water and some pats. And then back at it. 

All rescue dogs from various sources. Love them all.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

snow fall project

We had about a foot of snow fall over the last couple of days. It makes getting around the farm a challenge, as snow drifts and piles in large amounts.

Livestock still needs water and food. And that takes a great amount of work to happen. And then, time for other projects!

Last fall we made wreaths we Star Magnolia leaves. In with the bunches of leaves was a seed pods.

That seed pods went into the freezer for months. We have removed it, allowed it to thaw out, and today we plant the seeds.

It might work. It might not! We have a line of white pine trees that separates the back yard of the house from the rest of the farm. These trees are too tall, if one falls into either of our buildings it will do a lot of damage. And create hassle and work none of us want.

A Star Magnolia grows to about 15 feet. Evergreen, it will still create a wind block and a visual separation. But they don't get so tall that a strong wind will topple them into a building!

I'll start these, grow them out, plant them in a few years, take out the pine trees in another 5 years or so.

We wouldn't want to rush into anything would we?!

The seed pods and seeds have an almost citrus scent, what a pleasure to work with!

Grow little seedlings grow!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

an easy to use cookbook!

Eat Your Vegetables!

 Everyone knows this, but many people dread this. So many vegetable dishes have been served where the results were less than stellar.

 Has anyone ever had to be urged to finish anything but vegetables?! No Excuses Detox: 100 Recipes to Help You Eat Healthy Every Day offers a delicious way to overcome those bad memories of vegetable meals gone wrong. Blogger Megan Gilmore ( has authored her second book, No Excuses Detox, and this easy to read, easy to cook from book is a winner. Starting with time saving techniques, and my favorite, several different 5 day meal plan options that include shopping lists and recipes, Gilmore makes it easy to jump in to her No Excuses Detox method.

The "beginner" plan features filling, flavorful and quick dishes. Her first book, Everyday Detox, featured a wide variety of recipes that have been well loved. This book features the same focus on flavorful food, made quickly! So many things can be on the table in half an hour or less. Gilmore also includes Make it Ahead options, so that at meal time you can be ready to go.

 As a gluten intolerant eater, this easy to comprehend, quick meal preparation book makes for easy and tasty dinners. While naturally gluten free dishes are prepared the dishes are still tasty.

 Even desserts are offered that include standard ingredients, and avoid the expensive list of odd things that sometimes comprise gluten free treats.

 Using up to date ingredients and quick meal preparation combine for a cookbook I'm happy to have in my library!


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