Friday, August 5, 2016

bed building

We build out permanent beds on our farm. We use a system of covering when not in use, adding compost, mowing the walkways and weeding between the plants we want.

This area is needed for a new planting bed, with seedlings planted in there in early October.

That pen holds a few pigs. In 24 hours the pigs will dig up every bit of soil and grass. 

Moved every day, it will take them about a week to clear this planting bed.

We transplant seedlings we grow here and then grow out the flowers! Usually we cut the flowers as they are blooming, to get the longest vase life possible. 

Years ago we dug up vegetable planting beds in the same way.

Each time we plant we add compost, helps wake up all the microbes that make the soil sweeter. 

Then seeds, water, weed, harvest. And repeat!

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