Tuesday, July 19, 2016

old school trimming

These days it is all hands on deck early. The heat and humidity set in as the progresses, making it uncomfortable to work. Start time shifts to 7am these days!

In our cut flower beds we built walkways that fit our mower. Last summer we were gifted a piece of equipment that can cut through our thick pasture growth, and lay it down right in the aisles. A mower that blows the cuttings onto the growing flowers leaves a mess, so this mower is perfect for our farmer. Homer can pull it with his truck, so it works out perfectly.

This method leaves a few areas that need trimmed. A substantial string trimmer (we traded a Thanksgiving turkey for it years ago) has been used to clean up the edges. But the engine froze up, and even Homer can't fix it.

So it's back to old school methods of trimming.

We sharpen the blade and run it along the edge of the planting beds. 
And it's ok to still forgo that gym membership!

It's good to have backup that just needs blade sharpening. The quiet work is lovely, the flower harvest is abundant, and the couple hours of sweating is good for the farmer.

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