Sunday, May 22, 2016

shares commence!

We are starting our CSA shares. This year we offer two: eggs weekly. And flowers: 6 bouquets over 6 months, farmers choice.

Our egg production has been very steady. The hens are happy and producing at the rate they should be, and we have another 40 hens that should begin egg production in June. The shares that are purchased help us get through the winter when egg production wanes. Thankful for those that support us during the darkest time of the year!

Flowers. We started years ago adding flowers to our offerings. Each year we learn more. Last week I brought a beautiful bouquet to Towson, for delivery to the mother of our CSA member. In transport the container fell over, broke a bunch of stems, ran water no delivery. Today. We are determined to get to the nursing home and deliver this mix of iris, allium, cockle, bleeding heart, anemone and ferns. Wedged firmly this time there is no falling allowed...


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