Friday, April 15, 2016

moving pigs

We raise pigs here on the farm. Not many, and not quickly. It's takes us months to grow them out.

They start in a very solid mobile pen. 4 or 5 piglets that get moved all the time, until they are big enough to move the pen themselves.

Then they go into a paddock, behind electric fence. So much to dig up, tear into, chew down. It keeps them busy.

Until that spot is all cleared out.

Then it is time to relocate.

Into the trailer and across the farm.

To a spot that looks so overgrown to us, it would take us weeks and aching backs to clear this up.

Busy, happy pigs, tearing up a section of the farm that is too rough for cattle or poultry. Pigs doing what they love best.

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