Friday, March 25, 2016

Lost and Found

One of us from Sunnyside Farm travels to Hershey every week. During the market season we are a weekly vendor at the Thursday market. And the rest of the year we meet people in a park so they can still get what we have from our farm!

Most of the winter we have spinach and eggs. We grow spinach in our hoophouses and our hens produce most of the year.

Today I travelled with lots of eggs and spinach. Enough to fill a big cooler.

And then leave the park with the tailgate down. And arrive at my next destination without the cooler, the egg crate or the spinach crate.


Plug the address of the park into GPS and it directs me on a totally different route.

As I try and retrace my route, miles slip by and nothing. My heart sinks. This is the time of year with the smallest amount of free time of the entire year. Building or sourcing gear is not how we want to spend time!

And then, safely pulled on to the sidewalk is our cooler! Even the spinach is still there!

I love Hershey. Supports the farm and us in so many ways! Saving what I dropped in the road is the latest.

Someone took the time to move this to safety, out of the road. 3 hours later it was all still there, waiting for me.

I just love that.

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