Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Today it is raining, and will do so all day. At Sunnyside Farm we are overwhelmingly grateful it is not snowing. And we are all perfectly happy to have the rain wash the snow away.

With each day we need different footwear.

Today these rubber, knee high boots. Because with rain and snow melt its a sea of mud out there.

Yesterday, low boots that are sturdy with a little more insulation. Yesterday it was walking on frozen ground in freezing temperatures.

A few days ago it was full on snow boots, the kind with thick, felted wool liners. The snow was DEEP and temperatures were in the teens.

And when weeding, seeding and watering in the hoophouse these light, flexible, waterproof and still supportive slip ons are used.

Lace ups? No thanks. We have to be in and out of buildings, handling livestock, soil, water and waste. Easy on and off with room for thick socks is on the farmers wintertime list.

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