Wednesday, February 10, 2016

fences with holes

We have 6 dogs on the farm now. 6!

No more for now.

They tend to lose their registration tags within a week or two of attaching to their collars. We are on the hunt for inch wide collars, so that we can rivet the tag on. Maybe that will work?

This dog ran lickety split off farm when the gate was open the other day.

She is a short legged dog with a white belly and black back. A dachshund and beagle mix. 

As we searched for her, a neighbor told us he had not seen her just then, but that our Jack Russell had been over to meet his dog.

Huh? We have a fenced yard and we think we track the dogs pretty well, and get them if they get out. One was visiting outside our fence without one of us in pursuit?

Makes me wonder. Which one?

One of these?

Or this one we've only had for a few months?

Not one of them is telling us, it remains a pure mystery.

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