Saturday, January 2, 2016

technical challenge

We watch the British baking show. A competition that includes a segment in each show the "technical challenge".

A recipe is provided that is vague, and the outcome may or may not be known by the bakers. They scramble about guessing at next steps and wondering aloud what they should do next.

This morning we are having an Argentinian technical challenge. My stepmother has a taste treat she is longing for, and an untested recipe, translated from Spanish to guide our preparation.

Claire and I read it, wonder what it's supposed to look like, or how it's supposed to taste.

There is a bowl of egg whites, egg yolks and orange peel.

And a pot of simple syrup, waiting to reach softball stage.

Then they will go together and become a dish called ambrosia.

We think of ambrosia as flavored gelatin with marshmallows, some fruit and sometimes walnuts in it. Let that preconceived notion go. 

Taste test later today that will let us know how close we made it.

With our eggs it can't be too bad!

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