Wednesday, January 6, 2016

flower starts

Right now, when the temperatures are in the teens, you might think we have nothing to do all day.

Our tax returns need to be filed, so there is the gathering of information for that.

And everyday the sun comes out the hoophouses heat up and the greens need watered. We harvest several times weekly and then make deliveries.

Every day when the ground is not frozen we move the pens that hold the laying hens. They need water a couple times daily, because the water freezes. We need to make certain they have liquid water and not just ice blocks.

Even in the cold winter there is grass for the hens to eat. And waste to leave behind.

In 2016 we will grow more cut flowers than we have in the past. Many more varieties, and broader seasons. We have a lot planted, and many seeds started and growing.

We have an unheated sun room, and the flowers are growing beautifully in there.

The last beef cow went to the butcher today, soon we will have beef available by the piece. It will be on our website when we have it.

And the pigs are here. They move around, water and fed daily too.

The real difference? The cold keeps bugs away from us. When we weed, the weeds regrow slowly. The ground in the hoophouse is cool while the air is warm, which makes working in there a true pleasure.

Seed sowing, weeding, harvesting, livestock moving, feeding, watering, egg collection and packing, deliveries. 

Not really too different than summer!

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