Wednesday, December 30, 2015

all tied up with a bow

The year is just about done. It has been a good year for us at Sunnyside Farm. This year we end in not quite as deep a financial hole as in years past. This running a farm as a business thing we do? It can be tiring and can not earn quite enough to be here full time.

So we continue to adjust and tweak at what we do. We can pay for the farm. But we sure can't get something like a new truck, and the current one has 209,878 miles on it. So we change up what we do to allow for that expense in the next year.

Vegetables have been a true joy to grow. We love harvesting year round, or pulling from cool storage our own squash or spuds or dried beans and cooking them up. We have things frozen and canned too, so we have farm food most meals. Eggs have continued in production this winter, with plenty for is and folks that want them. Turkey production was beautiful this year: the right quantity at the right weights at the right times. Beef is due for delivery soon, and we can't wait. The pork is looking good too. Flowers are planted and seeds are sprouting in many spots.

Lace socks completed. And they fit! Other projects are well underway. We are in good health, and have had plenty of time for visits with loved ones this year.

Glad to have another new year to celebrate. Lucky to be living a life with manageable pressures. And lovely rewards. Astonished at who has passed from our lives this year, and so glad for those still here with us. 

If you need us, you know where we will be.

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