Friday, September 4, 2015

summer is here

It's been a beautiful growing season. Enough sunny days for all we planted to grow, enough overcast days to get work done, nice weather for distribution of all that we grow and decent sleeping weather.

Until the last couple of days. Heat and humidity crossed together to the truly uncomfortable range.

The final rush of egg gathering and flower cutting before departure for market produced an overheated farmer without enough time for a real lunch. For the first time the sun was at an angle that missed the tent and heated the farmer. Gnats nipped. A forgotten hair tie added heat tovthe neck. Massive water consumption didn't help. Then several sneezing fits as pollen was released and allergy medication failed. I tried to smile and be polite, but had to tell a couple of lovely people who have gotten eggs and vegetables from us for years that I was truly on the verge of tears, hot, itchy, miserable. A customer returned after checking the future weather forecast to tell me that to hold on, a cold front and reduction in humidity are in the forecast! So kind and clearly concerned as I was melting down.

This, that you might not see, didn't help:

Tiny scratches from one of the weeds close to the flowers. Itching badly, especially with salty sweat in there.

By the time I was packed up and ready to drive back to the farm, I had another sneezing fit and a migraine going. Ugh. 

We had a summer a few years ago with weather like this weeks at a time. I might be the only person hoping for a good strong thunderstorm at the beginning of a holiday weekend, but there it is. Holiday weekend does not mean a big change of events when you are a farmer, but a good, humidity clearing, temperature dropping thunderstorm can change a farmers world.

Bring it. Please.

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