Monday, September 7, 2015

fall hatch

6 weeks ago we mournfully discussed our decrease in the duck population here on the farm. We wondered what was getting them, and what protective measures needed to be instituted. We starting closing them in at night, as that seemed to be the time of disappearance.

And then this:

Ducklings appeared! Fall ducklings! Never happened before.

And in pretty clear language the grown ducks said go away, we got this

If you visit the farm in the next 3-4 weeks, Jasmine will be in a pen in front of the fence. She has been ill and is on medication. The veterinarian suggested we keep her away from the other dogs.

The ducklings will fare so much better if Jasmine is not around. She just cannot resist ducklings. It's best for them if she has no access until they are a month old.

Coincidence? I guess!

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