Saturday, August 15, 2015

quick conversions

These days are when all the hard work of spring pays off. So much to harvest!

We preserve plenty of things. Tomatoes will start soon. They were deep green, now almost white, with red next. Canning and freezing and roasting down to paste will happen.

These days we get to eat fresh. Pulled from the farm, cooked and consumed. So good. This summer has been mild with low humidity, so we can have small cooking events.

Last night's harvest looked like this:

We didn't use the winter squash, but everything else was chopped up and put over the mashed potatoes made from those Yukon golds. A saute of all of those vegetables, some herbs and spices and then this...

Summer time comfort food. Farmers pie. Gardeners pie. Meat free. Near vegan.

Happy, satisfying meal. Nothing else needed!

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