Monday, August 10, 2015

overcast days

We put seeds in the ground constantly. It never stops. With that we also pull weeds all the time too!

We have two hoophouses on our farm. They are both filled year round with vegetables we are harvesting. Or, in the case of tomatoes we are impatiently waiting to harvest! The original hoophouse is filled with tomatoes, peppers and eggplant right now.

The hoophouse we built last year was full of heat loving basil. We've pulled a lot of it, week after week, and its starting to look pale. Still smells and tastes good, but as it fades we are pulling and filling our freezer, for that taste of summer this winter!

The peas and garlic came out earlier. The garlic went in in November 2014, and the peas were planted in February of this year.

So here are some of the beds this morning.

The drip tape is visible in the planting bed to the left, it is the most effective method of watering we have found. The wheelbarrow is overflowing.

And after

The plants we wanted and those that were uninvited are all removed. And take your tiny seeds too please!

It was overcast and barely 70* today. For a farmer, this is amazing weather in early August, allowing us a 3 week jump on clearing and planting. We like sunshine too, but love a day when lots of work can be completed without sweating through multiple sets of clothes!

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