Sunday, August 16, 2015

not your daddy

We tried for a year to rescue a jack Russell. I'd find one listed, think I was jumping on it, end up not getting it.

So we bought a puppy. Rescues cost too, to offset cost of care and medical treatment. The puppy didn't cost much more than full grown dogs we have adopted.

So Blitzen arrived earlier this year, in the form of a tiny puppy.

Adorable. Sweet tempered. Smart. Energetic without the crazy JRT's can sometimes be.

He listens well, has good manners and is a joy.

But we don't want any puppies. Our other dogs have been spayed or neutered, and we want him to stay here on the farm and not roam the streets.

So on Thursday Blitzen went to have his reproductive abilities removed. The instructions at pickup said to keep him quiet for 7-10 days.

We are keeping him away from the other dogs. No walks, no stairs. Water, kibble, chewies but no real rough housing.

He seems to be healing just fine.

Sound asleep, all four in the air.

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