Tuesday, August 25, 2015

just around the corner

We have neighbors here in the country. They are not really close to us, but they are here. We have met plenty of them and still there are many we have yet to meet.

Pinchot State Park is, as the crow flies, just behind the farm. As the roads go its about 5 miles away. With a huge lake, public (free!) swimming, picnic grounds, hiking trails, kayak and paddle boat rentals, cabin and yurt rentals it is a hub for summer and winter fun. Disc golf, fishing, clearly marked hiking trails and spots where boat owners can put their own watercraft in and out.

We had our work completed yesterday and it was hot. Not broiling, but hot enough that a dip in the lake and a sit for a bit in the shade with cool breezes was just what was needed.

Here's what it looks like. Just around the corner.

Homer loves to see just how things work. He appreciates natural beauty, but also explores technology made by humans. The lake at Pinchot is built by use of a dam, so the spillway had to be explored and documented too.

We easily encountered a thousand people yesterday in the park. Spread across all those acres it really felt like we were there all alone.

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