Thursday, March 12, 2015

sprouts and more

Last week it snowed almost a foot. We already had snow on the ground, with below freezing temperatures day and night. All that has changed. Temperatures are above freezing both day and night now! And the hoophouse is responding!

Seeds go in all year. We like to harvest as often as we can. Multiple tines weekly is best. Right now not much to harvest, but that job will soon be added to the list!

Overcast today, so only in the 70's in the hoophouse.

Lettuce, garlic and spinach are growing well!

Just emerged spinach, leeks and even tomatoes! 

Maybe even peas too. With about 6-7 weeks to our frost free date, we have to remind ourselves to only plant the hardy things, to really cover and protect the more tender vegetable plants. When it warms up it can be so tempting to try and push the season...

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