Monday, March 30, 2015

farm tetris

Mid-May is the frost free date here. As we head into April we plan and plant in effort to be harvesting then, and weekly until November. And all winter long too! We count forwards and backwards on our year. How long have those hens been laying? How old are those pigs? How many weeks until that vegetable can be harvested?

Today many things intersect. Weeding, seeding and harvesting in the hoophouse continues. Watering too. Baby chicks: future egg layers and meat birds are growing. And an off farm trip results in another game of farmer Tetris: how does everything needed fit?

Barrels of compost. Poles for roll up sides. Seed potatoes. Peat moss. Drip tape. Walkway covers. All there.

And the post office drops more chicks. The compost folk drop 40 yards of compost. The old hoophouse cover goes over to protect from weed seed.

And lunch. And a nap. And then back at it.

Compost under cover.

Box of chicks.

Full cab.

Full bed.

Not much extra space.

Time to unload!

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