Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Sumac trees or tree of heaven? We are not certain which stood here. It was an impressive patch when we arrived here. And it spreads in the scariest way: into every garden bed we formed.

The actual grove of trees has been outside of where we grow vegetables.

Yesterday what was left (which has been less and less each year) was eliminated. Today the soil was prepared. Into this will go a variety of native flower and grass seeds. Home for insects, birds and butterflies of many kinds.

We will replant and weed on an ongoing basis. Next fall we will seed again with native seeds. And start some in winter so plants can be set out. We will keep the livestock out of this spot, and let it just be meadow.

And we will see. Maybe this speeds up or slows down the number of those invasive, fast growing trees. We will be watching for them.

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