Friday, February 13, 2015

"your good cholesterol is off the charts"

The majority, but not all of our food, comes from the farm. We don't grow grains or dairy products or coffee or chocolate.

We pick and can, ferment or freeze fruits and vegetables. We eat our pasture raised beef, pork, turkey and chicken. And eggs.

We never ever eat low fat, artificial sweetener, fake fats or things referred to as substitutes.

The last couple years I've figured out that I can't eat gluten. It gives me vertigo. And that sucks. The gluten substitute recipes tend toward ingredient lists that make me nervous.

Homer grew up with breakfast meals that featured pan gravies of fat, flour, cream. First a roux, then cream until cooked down. Added meat, poured over homemade biscuits...incredible. Except a meal like that left me in a world of spinning brain and nausea. Sometimes unable to stand or sit.

Hmm. Substitutions needed. Trial and error. Gluten free oats, ground down in the coffee bean grinder, acts just like wheat flour. Potatoes, sliced thin and cooked up offer a similar texture to biscuit.

So today, a few ingredient breakfast, gluten free, tasty, of ingredients we can all pronounce. Some of the fat is lard from our pigs, some organic butter we purchase off farm. And organic cream or half n half from off farm.

A bulldog gravy: a roux made with oats ground up to be like flour.

Beef cooked up.

Eggs over easy.


All combined onto one plate of delicious, gluten free goodness.

Recent studies show that grass fed meat, dairy and eggs don't actually raise cholesterol. That the fake fats might actually make the balance of good and bad cholesterol skew wildely. 

I'm not a doctor. It sure makes sense to me that my cholesterol measures as it does, and the math works out that my doctor has no concerns on this part of my health.

And meanwhile, we eat like royalty from the base of what goes in the pan to the finishing touches. And plan to continue. Tastes fantastic, is satisfying, and it appears my system is able to process.

Except flour, white vinegar, barley and malt. *sniff, I almost miss them.

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