Sunday, February 22, 2015

and here we are

We purchased this property in August of 2009 with the plan of farming. We have grown tons of chemical free vegetables, grass fed and finished cattle, pastured pork, chicken, eggs and turkey too! Most years we slip in plenty of flowers too.

We did not plan on home renovations. The property was owned by a real estate flipper when we got it, so we were pretty certain that things would need to be addressed, sometime down the line.

Year two we had a fire that did a good bit of damage. Every winter we are reminded just how poorly the entire house and heat system/heat retention methods work. And today: this...

We took what we thought would be a quick trip to Baltimore yesterday. But an under predicted snow forecast surprised everyone in the area as snow fell thick and fast. We quickly decided to ditch return plans and sleep in a hotel. We drove home this morning on clear roads with no traffic.

We opened the garage door to find a bit of water on the floor, and more in the mud room. It had not been running long, and Homer shut the valve off and shop vacced up the rest of the water.

The local hardware store had just the pieces needed. A mesh connecting pipe. A valve so we can switch it off if needed. And a new thing that replaces solder, flux, flame and tubes with a sort of expanding/clamping thing. 

Fixed and back in use. There is new technology in home construction and repair and we are using it!

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