Friday, February 27, 2015

and finally!

Last fall we finished our regular growing season in November. Our season includes planting, harvesting, feeding, watering, processing, washing, packing, freezing, loading, unloading, deliveries, driving, bill paying, collecting money, maintaining mailing lists, communications, updates, website, abiding by federal, state, county and township laws, coordinating deliveries, watching weather so that things can be covered or uncovered as needed, chasing things in or out of where they belong...well, it can be a lot if all that has to happen in the same day!

Last fall we added another hoophouse in the fall, while our regular season was still under way. Sweet friends helped or really managed the entire project, and once completed the beds were filled with seeds and garlic.

And then the daily amount of light decreased with ferocity. Dark. Dark. Ugh.

And now the sun is up. And those seeds...the kind that withstand cold, just waiting for warmth, are finally starting to sprout!

And sprouting they are! This year we are offering vegetables weekly, but not via a CSA. You can select what you want, and in August we will be able to replant the hoophouse so we can harvest green stuff all of next winter! There are only 52 weeks in the year, and things can be harvested weekly...

And this is happening too.

Garlic sprouting. Homer the grower hanging out in the 90° hoophouse while its 22° outside, happy as can be.

3 weeks until spring. We start weekly planting to be able to harvest weekly beginning in May! Its almost on!

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