Monday, January 19, 2015

books to go

Recently boxes and bags of books were loaded into the back of my truck.

Several people had expressed the need to shed stuff without going into a landfill.

We dropped the books off at The Book Thing. Only open on Saturday and Sunday, The Book Thing takes all books. Textbooks, novels, how to, kids they take it all.

We were not the only ones who dropped off books this week!

The books are sorted through and then shelved, by category.

And then anyone who wants books can take all they want. For free.

Years ago I was there getting a couple books. A woman in line with me had a big box of books she was carrying out. 

She told me she was taking the books to the prison, where the inmates would take the books apart, split into chapters, and pass around to read until the paper itself fell apart.

Since then we have always taken books there. Free books seem like a good idea.

The building is at an odd angle with the front door facing away from the one way street.

And the sign is not exactly high visibility.

The parking lot was completely full. The streets had cars parked on either side, full up. 

Young men with volunteer stickers affixed to their sweatshirts unloaded the books we had gathered and brought along.

Keeping stuff out of the trash, out of the landfill. My favorite.

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