Friday, December 26, 2014

after Christmas

The sun appeared from behind the clouds, and there was much rejoycing. There has been little sunshine here on the farm this fall, and some dancing might have happened when we realized that it will be unblocked by clouds for the next week!

Then we got to work. We have used wooden ladders as roosts for our laying hens, and one end was dragging in the dirt. Time to realign and reattach! Girls need their comforts, and at nightfall the jump off ground onto roosts is first on the list for happy hens.

These things are called pig tails. We use them to run electric fence line around the paddocks where the cows are each day. Easy to relocate, they are valuable for our frequent herd moves.

We took a couple and used them to reach into the pen and raise the downed end of the ladder.

Once the ladder was in place, giant screws went into all the layers of wood to support the weight of all those hens.

Even while we were working the hens hopped up to investigate. As the sun set today the ladder was filled up with hens. The settling in sounds they make as they prepare for the night is a lovely sound. Not too many squawks from this pen now that there is enough room.

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