Wednesday, November 26, 2014


For a time now it has been all about the turkey. With a day to go, we still have a few, so get with us before the storm hits us!

And one day last week the cover went on the new hoophouse.

Homer has a way of planning and preparing these big tasks so that whoever is on hand can help. 

With a system of ropes the three of us pulled it up and over.

Last time we pulled a top right over he used 2x4's. This time as we gave the heave ho I wasn't certain what was holding on.

As I pulled my rope and the edge moved toward me, it was obvious that chunks of wood were not used this time. But not certain what was in there.

Then all the way over, wiggle wire in place quick so the wind does not pull the cover back off. Ladder climbing,  fingers in use, no pictures of that!

And then...

From back when Matt lived with us, and we had a bunch of baseballs for hitting and throwing, each with his MW on them so they would come home with us from the field. Now in a different, farm use!

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