Tuesday, September 30, 2014

turkey time

We are busy with quite a few projects. The end of the CSA season is approaching, but we use our hoophouse all winter and harvest from there. The clearing of cucumbers and tomatoes has begun, and the plants that are dying get transported to the pigs for them to eat. Those beds are replanted as fast as we can manage, as the more growing now the more we have to harvest. The cover of the hoophouse will be replaced in the next few weeks, as the lifespan of this one has come to an end. It has torn in more places than tape can hold.

And still, the turkeys, chickens and egg layers are growing!

The turkeys move in the pen every day. They are stripping every blade of grass and every thistle. We started them 6 weeks later than last year, so we expect them to be 20-30 pounds not 40 pounds this year!

They look beautiful.

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