Tuesday, August 19, 2014

well yes

Oh yes. It is busy time.

Fruit is in. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. While winter squash...the hard rined, bake in the oven sort (including pumpkins), apples and potatoes, garlic and onions can be stored in a cool place and used and cooked as needed all winter, other things turn to mush without a more eventful treatment.

So its busy time as we save food. This morning cucumbers.

With a bit of water and salt.

And a few herbs and spices.

Packed tight in a glass jar.

And then a piece of cheesecloth held on with a rubber band.

Just to keep bugs out. We will watch it, and in time the salt and flavors will permeate the cucumbers. If a yeasty film forms that will be skimmed off. And this winter we will have a bite of the garden, suspended in salt. Next to a serving of something bland along with something sweet, this sour taste...yum.

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