Saturday, August 9, 2014

ripe now

As usual, there are some greens, carrots, maybe beets, radish or lettuce in August shares.

In addition, sometimes there might be cabbage or broccoli. The summer has been cool enough they have not bolted, and the broccoli will produce after we cut it. Predicted temperatures are in the low 80's and the broccoli does not mind that!

The purple beans are in. We get beans that are odd colors so they stand out from the green of the leaves. We have been known to miss them when picking if they blend in. So here they are.

Last year our seed potatoes froze in storage in the garage. Outdoor temperatures in the single digits turned our plan table stock to mush. Kinda stinky mush. Virtually no harvest last year.

This year the seed potatoes went right into the right storage spot. Austrian Crescent, All Blue, Purple Viking and Yukon Gold are all looking and tasting wonderful.

Tomatoes...about 10 varieties are all coming in. They are easy to freeze whole (after removing the core) and then cooking, using the immersion blender to smooth them out. Persimmon, Old German, Sophie's Choice, Mini Orange and more.

Cucumbers too! A bit of basil too.


  1. Beautiful seed potatoes and zinnias and tomatoes. So glad you do what you do....thank you, a grateful eater, :-) Bridget B., Thomaston, GA

    1. We are happy to be able to grow, thanks Bridget!



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