Thursday, August 7, 2014

define pasture

Sometimes we see photos of livestock that is pasture raised, and where they are standing has nothing but dirt or dust all around them.

In different areas of the world the recommended number of animals per acre can vary widely. Management practices have a effect on how pasture grows. We have been rotationally grazing all of our livestock since we started farming, as the method just seems like common sense. Using electric lines we can easily move cattle from one small section of the farm to the next, and by the time the herd returns to the original spot there is plenty to eat again. Pasture grows plentiful when eaten and allowed to regenerate.

This is our herd the other day.

The USDA has a defined pasture standard. Its something like an average of 3 inches height year round. That accounts for middle of winter when pastures can be quite short. This herd? The gal in the back is our 2 year old Jersey. Close to 1,000 pounds. Barely visible. Happy as any cow in high clover. Which, by the way, is the first thing eaten when they are moved into a new pasture.


  1. I love the fact that you move your herd around. Too many people either don't realize they should or have too small of a space to do so effectively.

    1. The livestock love the fresh pasture! And it really helps improve the quality of what they get to eat.



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