Friday, August 8, 2014

best couple bucks spent

We have tons of milkweed all over the farm. There has to be paw paws somewhere near here. We have sasafrass, oaks, maples and more.

The beautiful butterflies: monarch and swallowtail need specific trees and plants for their caterpillars to grow and then form a chrysalis. We have those here, or close by.

I bought a pack of zinnia seeds and they have bloomed. We give a few with each of our CSA shares.

When Homer went to cut the flowers there were butterflies everywhere. Of all shapes and sizes and colors. They were so busy he didn't cut flowers the last couple of days. The bees were out in massive numbers too, so a baseball bat sized one left the farm today. He took this picture.

And then left the insects to their fun in the sun. Lots of buds left for plenty more nose gays or tussy mussys.

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