Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the no longer broody hen

We had separated out 3 broody hens. 2 sat with duck eggs under them and now we have a couple handfuls of ducklings.

Another was removed from her flock. We wanted to check and see if, like the other 2, she was really not making eggs but was willing to sit on a nest. Then the cover was removed from her nest box. She could get into the pen at night while wandering the farm during the day.

We have a rooster that was donated to us. He is calm and beautiful and does not crow very much. Most important for his survival is that he does not attack me. As long as he behaves he escapes the stew pot.

These two birds, on the loose, have survived for months now. Long enough for her to begin producing fertilized eggs, and for the chicks to hatch. She nested in the grass, inside her sort of open pen. I saw her off the eggs once, when the nest was in the direct sun and the temperature was above 90°.

Difficult to see right next to their momma, as they are tiny balls of fluff the same color.

So Miss A held one of the chicks to pose for a better photo. And because holding baby chicks is just a great start to a day.

Jasmine looks pretty interested too. The chicks will go into protective custody until they are larger, and not of such great interest to the dogs.

Growing a few egg layers here!

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