Tuesday, July 1, 2014

the farmer

We started farming because we wanted better food than we could find. We continue to grow because of the tremendous support we receive. Our customers make farming possible for us. Our farm supports us, and is how we earn a living.

Homer is the farmer. I assist in every way I can but Homer is the one who puts the majority of work in here at Sunnyside Farm.

He also is an amazing idea guy. As we encounter challenges he comes up with simple and low cost solutions, sometimes recycling things from the farm, a resale shop, the metal recycler...the side of the road...inspiration arrives all the time in many forms.

Some ideas are specific for us and our situation. Others are much larger in scope. We hear of average age of farmers, homeless veterans, cost of living, cost of heating, food deserts, local buying of food, limits on abilities of people to finance farms, parents wanting to spend time with children, healthy eating, urban areas that need new work, dangerous wiring, poisonous finishes, bad or zero insulation...and we wonder how we can solve all that. In one way.

And so while Homer gets the daily work done here on the farm he is also thinking. Contemplating. We discuss and revise. Rethink. Test theories and ideas. Make prototypes. Test them. Revise.

This weekend we met with good people to talk about a couple of ideas. More meetings over the next few weeks. Clearances. Codes. More plans. Nothing good happens quickly. Even if we want it to!

This time to be able to earn a meager living while having the space and time to contemplate and test how we can truly change our circumstances and maybe a few others too is amazing. We have been careful and lucky. We've had amazing support. Time and space to test ideas. This, Homer says, is what sets his soul on fire: gets him going, motivates him.

We look forward to the future and what will be. And at the same time we enjoy our daily work. Seems like the best of both worlds.

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