Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We keep a small herd of cattle. We had plans that are in constant flux it seems with all livestock. We want milk from a cow that gets to eat grass here year round but have had challenges in that. For now we have a Jersey heifer and a few charloit for beef.

The ducks work the damp spots with their bills, and get the insect eggs before they hatch.

The cattle clear out grass and a lot of other green things. They don't eat milkweed or thistle. Turkeys eat thistle. Monarch butterflies eat milkweed.

And everyday the birds appear to stand on the cows, eating all the flies that the ducks miss. The bald face hornet eats flies too: they swoop in and grab them in midair just like birds. There are still flies here but there are also happy ducks, birds and hornets. And fat and happy cows too.

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