Thursday, July 10, 2014

steel wheels

We know a few farmers. Visitors, PASA tours, conferences, farmers markets, get together, equipment purchases: there are many reasons we interact with other growers.

Yesterday our power was out. The shortest storm ever blew through here the other night and thousands of people lost electricity without getting a real watering for the fields. Water is critical. We have thousands of gallons in reserve. Lots of it potable. And a generator.

There was work that needed to be done that required both running potable and electric. Setup and clean up. Along with everything else that needed to be done yesterday we hired out.

And made a drive north up the Susquehanna.

The main difference I see on this farm and others?

Steel wheels. Clothes are a bit different too. 

We've stopped using inflatable rubber tires on our poultry pens. They all have solid rubber wheels now. Steel wheels? Show a commitment to farming for a really long time. Never repair a flat or figure out what to do with one after it starts allowing the tractor to slide out from under you.

And then a built in hitching post. Not on every farm either.

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