Wednesday, July 2, 2014

keeping cool

These days we get moving early, hide during the heat of the day and work again as the day cools come evening.

The big plantings are done until the end of August. Now we water all that is planted, get in weekly seeds and move and water livestock. And weed. Weed. Weed.

When it hits 90° and the sun makes it feel like brains are frying it is time to locate a cool off spot. Yesterday we visited a tiny park that runs along a wide and shallow waterway. Not far from the farm we figured the dogs might enjoy the water too. So we took a road trip. Sandi rides in the front seat because she just can't get along.

Somehow we have collars and leashes for all 4 dogs. Most of this gear must have arrived with Sandi and Luna, because the other two arrived with pretty minimal equipment. We never walk them on leashes so it was a bit of an adventure.

At first the dogs were curious and willing to go along with me. Homer was keeping the camera dry and calling out encouragement to the dogs. And me.

Very quickly Sandi said no way and was tied up. Luna with her incredibly dense fur went in and even did some swimming. A couple of times. Chaz squeezed out of his collar and growled and snapped when we tried to get him back through the water and had to be recovered through the high grass. Jasmine smiled throughout but made no effort to get back in and was happy to just sit on a rock.

Future trips to cool off on hot afternoons will only involve Luna. She was ready and happy to go in and was fun to have along. The rest? Much happier under a shade tree at the farm.

We returned, gathered and packed chicken and duck eggs, refilled water, weeded and planted the last of the squash. Back inside as the sky got dark at 9:45. As we walked back to the house the fire flies were out lighting the way.

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