Sunday, July 20, 2014

if you saw this...

Would you think this place was still in business? Would you drive the steep gravel drive to check?

Years ago I was afraid, but Homer had heard rumor of sawdust and wood chips. The first visit was without me.

Now we visit as often as time will allow. The sawdust and wood chips are available by the truckload. Of course, we have to shovel them in ourselves.

The established date on the sign is from the early 1960's. The equipment predates that. Their home is a beautiful place, at the top of the hill. There are solid roofs on every structure, and they work in the shade. It has probably been decades since they owed money to anyone for the property, the equipment or the inventory of wood. The pace is casual and relaxed, there is no pressure to going for the next customer. 

They repair their gear. The saw blade is probably 8 feet across. We guess they can sharpen each of the teeth themselves. They take massive logs (entire tree trunks) and split them into usable size pieces.

Mostly all we have gotten are the shavings and the chips. Some wide boards, some 2x4's. There is no barcode inventory tag, loading the truck is simple, they now know Homer by name. 

We fill the truck as often as we can. There are endless uses for wood chips on a farm. If you visit, and it seems like we can't think of anything for you to do as help, remind of us of this job. Always needed, every season of the year. Always welcome.

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