Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I run for the shower

Today it was not overcast. It has been for a portion of most days for about a week now. When this happens we run for the hoophouse and get to work clearing out as many weeds as possible. There are always more all summer long so sometimes it can feel fruitless. But we have made huge progress in these long, hot days and are so tickled with the results.

And then there is this. One small plant can send farmers into fits and crying when, after removing a bit of morning glory vine that was covering the walkway this appears.

Some grass. A volunteer tomato plant. And there, almost out of sight. Poison ivy. The other day I ended up standing on it after pulling a clump of those all covering morning glories away. My feet, ankles, hands and arms were in the poison ivy.

Shrieks happened. And a few curse words. Then a run back to the house, clothes straight into the washer, farmer right into the shower.

There are rumors rumbling that if washed off in 15 minutes the poison ivy reaction is stopped. Since hearing this news it is possible to occasionally witness one of us in the midst of the poison ivy run/wash. We might not be found at the local, community fundraiser 5k anymore. Instead we run the farm version.

It is working so far. The last couple years we have each only had small patches of the rash. 

Homer brought the long handled shovel and dug this growth up. Not certain what happens after that. I'm certain he does not burn it, as that opens up untold horror we want never to experience!

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