Saturday, July 12, 2014

cleaning up

While the house itself is not big, there are many spaces we can fill up with junk. Not just the flat surfaces in the house get covered with stuff. Entire buildings. Fields. Man cave. Camper area.

Things fill up and we clear spaces back out. What is this stuff? How do we acquire things?

A year ago we visited our local junk yard. There we found a set of wide and deep metal seating frames...outdoor furniture. Purchased at the cost of the metal, we bought the set for about $20.

And we waited for the price on outdoor furniture cushions to go on sale. That happened a couple of weeks ago, so we jumped on great deals. The directors chairs have been collected over the years from yard sales and stuff. For about $160 we have a place to sit, and later this will be on the to be built deck.

The metal bakers rack will also go on the deck. Found at our scrap yard it was about $2. 

The Hoosier cabinet will go into the revamped kitchen. Found in a front yard.

The model of the Homer House still gets to be right at the window.

Plans for this room include big glass doors overlooking the farm. The metal baseboard heaters will be removed and sold for salvage. That way doors can open. Tile floor with radiant heat under it. Lighting fixtures that are easy on the eyes and don't buzz. And the drop ceiling will go.

Time and money. All it takes for anything.

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