Thursday, July 3, 2014

A couple of months ago we ended up with a rooster. We don't usually keep a rooster, as they can be noisy and aggressive. Not a pair of attractive characteristics. So we discover a rooster and usually it ends up in the soup pot.

At about the same time we separated out a few broody hens. A couple of those hens are sitting on duck eggs. One was left in a pen alone, until the rooster showed up. This pen has been used for spare parts, leaving a pen that both birds can get outside and back in for cover from rain.

Broody normally means the hen has stopped laying eggs. This little black hen had not laid eggs for weeks.

And now she has, and is setting on them. Not in a nest box but right in the grass. The rooster continues to be calm and not aggressive. And he is beautiful too. And maybe a poppa to be.

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