Friday, June 20, 2014


A little more than a year ago we brought the third dog onto the farm. A dog named Jasmine. I traded a couple of chickens and a dozen eggs for her in a parking lot in Lancaster. She was so skinny and starving acting that I stopped and got dog food for her, and fed that to her in a parking lot in Wrightsville. Jasmine inhaled that meal. And pretty much every offering since.

She is such a cute and sweet thing. Friendly to everyone. Her tail wags all the time and she usually looks like she is smiling.

Except when we catch her with a baby chicken in her mouth. It seems we have convinced her to avoid the full grown birds, but the baby chickens have proven to be a temptation Jasmine cannot resist. 

When the baby egg layers go onto the fields they start in a baby pen. This little pens halls the little birds get used to the routine. The little pens are put into place where we are near there many times each day. We check on the birds all the time.

That sweet and cute dog Jasmine has been found with a baby bird in her mouth more than once. The pen was inspected and there were no holes in the wire and no loose spots either. 

The nest boxes were discovered to be the source of Jasmines access to the baby birds. Its June and there is a lot to do, so a temporary solution was installed. A length of clothesline tied the lid down. Now she can't sneak in the side and pull out a bird. Its back to kibble for her.

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