Monday, June 30, 2014

proud moment

One thing has an effect on another. We received a batch of ducklings in January. This was a very long cold winter so it was a while before the ducks could be moved outdoors.

Within a few days their fence blew over (it was only a temporary structure) and the dogs attacked and killed a few.

The ducks were moved to the little water feature on the farm. The fence was well supported. The transfer had to take place after daytime temperatures were above freezing, and that was quite a long wait this year!

For a while we would put the dogs in an enclosure and let the ducks out. Then put the ducks away and let the dogs out.

This is a chore neither of us likes to do. One more in an already fairly long daily list. We did this each day.

On a really hot day this spring the dogs were out and so were the ducks. It was hot enough that only the ducks were moving: the dogs had located dense shade and were in it.

Now, today, the ducks and the dogs can be out at the same time and all is well. 

The dogs allow songbirds to land and live here. But very few crows, hawks and large birds land or prey on our poultry. The dogs let us know when a visitor arrives. They run every inch of the fenced farm.

The ducks investigate every damp patch of earth on the farm and dig through looking for bugs and most importantly mosquitoes. While we keep them out of the fenced portion where we grow vegetables they have access to the rest of the property. When ducks roam all day we rarely get a mosquito bite. When dogs are out we barely lose poultry. When both are out we have the pleasure of ducks meandering and dogs lolling...and each increases the pleasure of being on farm immensely.

Everyday we are so glad these animals have worked this out. It is the small things.

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