Saturday, June 7, 2014


We plant vegetables year round. Some, like lettuce and carrots, are teeny tiny seeds. Some are massive, like sunflowers. Some we plant right in the spot they grow in, others get started in pots and then transplanted.

Water is critical. We use driptape and a timer to water beds on days it does not rain. We use a system of rain barrels and driptape to capture and use as much rainwater as possible.

The first time we put driptape in place we used the connecting valves that are wide open. Water runs through the moment the spigot is opened.

It emptied our rain barrels in no time. It ran our pump to our well to every spot in the system, if we needed water or not.

This year the switch is on. We load seeds and add driptape with these beauties attached.

A simple switch can save us hundreds of dollars in water and electricity. These are going onto the connection to the trunkline to each piece of driptape. Now as beds are planted, harvested, rested and replanted we run water only when needed.

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