Saturday, June 21, 2014

oh my

A few years ago a car pulled into the farm parking lot. A woman stepped out, introduced herself and asked about the farm. Took some eggs. Told us about her partner who is a painter. And a few more visits, photos, donations of feathers, nests, eggs, snake skins, interesting tomatoes...anything Homer sees and asks me if Heather might like it.

Heather is a painter who does amazing work. She paints in a realistic manner on good sized canvas. Her subject matter varies...from human to landscape to natural objects. With microscopic detail.

Today Pat stopped in for eggs. And brought along a copy of a magazine.

American Art Collector. On the cover of the magazine is one of Heather's paintings.

And inside is a story about them, focused on Heather and her work. With photos of even more of her paintings.

So tickled to see Heather and Pat getting recognition! What fun!

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