Thursday, June 26, 2014

many things I'm not

I'm not a cloud watcher. I know the names of a few clouds. Homer strings a bunch of cloud names together when they are threatening or impressive. I never know if he is accurate or full of it, but I have a guess.

Today in south central Pennsylvania the sky is amazing. There are clouds over clouds and clear blue skies. Big puffy clouds. Strings of low riding clouds. Light streaming through. Breathtaking.

I'm neither a photographer or painter either. But if I were today would be a day I'd be out there, documenting. The light is lovely, the air is light and it is gorgeous.

My feeble attempts to capture, with the camera on the phone.

As a farmer, I do monitor the weather on a multiple time a day basis. Today is pretty simple. Beautiful. Light until 9:30pm or something ridiculous like that. Followed by fire flies.

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