Wednesday, June 25, 2014

feeling just like the Queen of England

One day last week it was misty with a light rain. We put on boots and hats and took a walk with the dogs. It was our little imitation of the queen and her place in Scotland...except we have no tweed and our property is about 1/1000th the size. If that.

Homer always says we eat like royalty. While we eat simple meals they are delicious. I was off farm the other day and purchased strawberries that turned out to be inedible. Their only flavor was chemical. I didn't even feed them to the pigs or put into compost.

We walk about and pick berries and fruit and vegetables and chicken, beef and pork from the farm. Dairy is next.

And soon, note berries. Homer borrowed a mower from a kind neighbor and cleared walkways to what we hope will be bountiful harvests of raspberries and blackberries.

 The various grasses are shoulder height.

The milkweed is in full flower, and there are hundreds of them.

Homer has mowed so that the walkways are curved, there are cross paths and spots to duck in and hide. The dogs run and run chasing each other.

We tried to run poultry in this area, behind the hoophouse. The losses were way to high in this spot. After the berry harvest the herd of cattle will come through here and clean things out. For now, as evenings cool down and before the sun fully sets we will don our heavy boots and walk back here. 

Maybe we need crowns?!

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