Wednesday, June 18, 2014

busy days

As it heats up there is a lot to do. All the little things we have been sheltering need to move to a permanent spot. Tomato, peppers and eggplants have all been moved from pots to their spots. Many of each transplanted and watered on a regular basis.

Chickens and turkeys too. We have moved broilers from the brooder to their field pens almost weekly. The turkeys made the move yesterday, in late evening, when it had cooled off enough to work.

They were looking huge in the brooder and now look tiny in their field pen! By Thanksgiving they will fill this up.

Pen repairs must happen. Sometimes wheels or ropes or additional chicken wire. We test the watering system to make certain there is plenty of fresh water. 

Smart ones get up on the roost.

The laying hens are too young to make eggs yet. Nest boxes are in there for inspiration.

Back to work. Lots to do.

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